How to Deal with Angry People : 10 Strategies for Facing Anger at Home, at Work and in the Street by Dr Ryan Martin

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Whether the confrontations are taking place at home, at work or online, the emotional toll of dealing with an angry person day-in day-out can be huge. As we often can't cut ourselves off from these angry people (although terminating the relationship is an option that's explored), this book draws on the author's years of research and clinical practice to help readers manage potentially explosive situations for the best possible outcomes. The book:Reveals the psychological factors that underpin an angry personality (eg genetics, gender, other personality traits). Offers ten key strategies for dealing effectively with angry people, from figure out what you want from this person and know when to disengage to avoid character assaults and find ways to reach those who refuse to communicate. Provides case studies, fact boxes, tips and activities to support readers as they deal with the angry people in their lives.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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