Victory at Gate Pa? : The Battle of Pukehinahina 1894 by Cliff Simmons

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The 29April 1864 Battle of Pukehinahina-Gate Pa resulted in the astonishing defeat ofa force of 1700 Imperial British soldiers, sailors and a few militia, who weresupported by the largest artillery battery assembled at any time during the NewZealand Wars. Their defeat was at the hands of a group of Maori irregulars justover 200 strong. Victory atGate Pa? examines, in exquisite detail, thehistorical background to the battle, the battle itself and the subsequentBattle of Te Ranga, and the aftermath that saw 50,000 acres of prime landconfiscated and a people driven into poverty and despair. The battleof Gate Pa was a defining moment in New Zealand history that had repercussionsfor Maori landownership and the notion of sovereignty. Although Maoritechnically won the battle in a humiliating defeat of the British troops,long-term they were to see thousands of acres of their land confiscated.
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