Adrift by Lisa Brideau

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"Crackles with urgency and humanity...a book made to meet the moment. A must read." -Katie Lattari, author of Dark Things I AdoreFor fans of The Last Thing He Told Me comes a page-turning thriller about hidden identities and the terrifying realities of climate change. The truth won't always set you free... Ess wakes up alone on a sailboat in the remote Pacific Northwest with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She finds a note, but it's more warning than comfort: Start over. Don't make yourself known. Don't look back. Ess must have answers. She sails over a turbulent ocean to a town hundreds of miles away that, she hopes, might offer insight. The chilling clues she uncovers point to a desperate attempt at erasing her former life. But why? And someone is watching her...someone who knows she must never learn her truth. In Ess's world, the earth is precariously balanced at a climate tipping point, and she is perched at the edge of a choice: which life does she want? The one taken from her-and the dangerous secret that was buried-or the new one she can make for herself? A galvanizing riddle that is just as unmooring as it seems, this sharp character-driven odyssey explores a future challenged by our quickly changing world and the choices we must make to save what matters most.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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