Stars, Hide Your Fires by Jessica Best

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As an expert thief from a minor moon, Cass knows a good mark when she sees one. The emperor s ball is her chance to steal a fortune for herself, her ailing father, and her scrappy crew of thieves and market vendors. Her plan is simple: Hitch a ride to the planet of Ouris, the dazzling heart of the empire. Sneak onto the royal palace station to attend the emperor s ball. Steal from the rich, the royal, and the insufferable. But when the emperor is found dead, everyone in the palace is a suspect and someone is setting Cass up to take the fall. To clear her name, Cass must work with an unlikely ally: a gorgeous and mysterious rebel with her own reasons for being on the station. Together, they unravel a secret that could change the fate of the empire.
Binding: Hardback

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