Invincible Universe Compendium Volume 1 by Phil Hester

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THE BEST SUPERHERO UNIVERSE SERIES IN THE UNIVERSE! By now, everyone in the world knows Invincible. But what about the rest of the Invincible Universe's heroes and villains? Atom Eve! Rex Splode! Brit! Best Tiger! This collection reveals the secret history of Invincible's closest allies, as well as the formation of a brand-new Guardians of the Globe team to fight the largest gathering of supervillains ever: The Order. Collects INVINCIBLE PRESENTS: ATOM EVE #1-2, INVINCIBLE PRESENTS: ATOM EVE & REX SPLODE #1-3, GUARDING THE GLOBE (VOL. 1) #1-6, GUARDING THE GLOBE (VOL. 2) #1-6, and INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE #1-12.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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