Evie and Rhino by Astred Hicks

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A young girl with a tragic past and a rhinoceros facing life in captivity form an unlikely and magical bond after a fateful storm and a shipwreck bring them together. A moving tale about love, connection and the healing power of friendship for readers 8+. 1891On a stormy night off the coast of southern Australia, a ship transporting a cargo of exotic animals tosses and turns in enormous seas. Rhino senses they are in grave danger. . . Not far away, ten-year-old Evie and her grandfather shelter in their crumbling, once-grand old home. They know too well how deadly storms can be. When all is calm, Evie treks over the dunes to the sea and makes a discovery that will change her life, and Rhino?_Ts, forever. Will the tragedies of their pasts finally be put to rest?The perfect story for 8+ fans of The Last Bear, The Girl Who Stole an Elephant and Polly Pecorino: The Girl Who Rescues Animals. "It is a story based on true events, introduces readers to some fascinating facts about animals and fauna in Australia, and will make your heart sing. [?_?] . This story exudes love and the magical connections and healing powers that true friendship brings.?__ Armadillo Magazine
Binding: Paperback / softback

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