The Wartime Bookshop : The first in a heart-warming WWII saga series about community and friendship, from the bestselling author by Lesley Eames

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The first in a brand-new nostalgic and heart-warming WWII series, perfect for fans of Donna Douglas and Elaine Everest. Alice is nursing an injured hand and a broken heart when she moves to the village of Churchwood at the start of WWII. She is desperate to be independent but worries that her injuries will make that impossible. Kate lives with her family on Brimbles Farm, where her father and brothers treat her no better than a servant. With no mother or sisters, and shunned by the locals, Kate longs for a friend of her own. Naomi is looked up to for owning the best house in the village. But privately, she carries the hurts of childlessness, a husband who has little time for her and some deep-rooted insecurities. With war raging overseas, and difficulties to overcome at home, friendship is needed now more than ever. Can the war effort and a shared love of books bring these women - and the community of Churchwood - together?-------------------------------**Real readers are LOVING The Wartime Bookshop**'BRILLIANT' 'Oh I loved this book... please carry on the good writing' 'Wow what a brilliant start to a new series' 'Outstandingly fabulous, warm and inviting... so glad there is going to be a follow-on' 'I was only two pages in when I knew this would be a 5 star read... I honestly can't put my excitement into words at the thought of reading the next one'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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