Operation Moonlight by Louise Morrish

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Passion, war and deadly secrets . . . 'A charming novel full of fascinating detail about the Second World War, AND a heart-warming love story. I loved every word of it!' Katie Fforde'Wonderfully moving. A book to curl up with' Fern Britton'I absolutely loved this heart-warming story of wartime secrets, love and redemption' Susan Lewis'Enthralling from beginning to end' Alan Titchmarsh'Well researched and extremely moving. I really enjoyed it' Jill Mansell___________________WARTIME FRANCE, 1944Trust absolutely no one. This is the only advice newly recruited SOE agent Elisabeth Shepherd is given when faced with the impossible. Her mission: to enter Nazi-occupied France and monitor the Germans' deadly long-range missiles. GUILDFORD, 2018Betty is celebrating her 100th birthday when she receives an invite from the Century Society to reminisce on the past. She remains mysteriously tight-lipped about her past, however. And then her carer, Tali, discovers a box full of maps, letters and a gun . . . ___________________Readers love Operation Moonlight . . . ***** 'Beautifully written and researched, this was a truly compelling read, emotionally moving and with the perfect amount of jeopardy to keep me glued to the pages!'***** 'Operation Moonlight goes beyond just another historical fiction tale of a woman in WWII to a real page-turning literary account which was a pleasure to read.'***** 'This is a wonderful book, very gripping with a slight hint of romance.'***** 'It was very well written, totally absorbing, and with a very authentic feel.'***** 'It's one that will be staying on my shelf.'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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