Swanfolk by Kristin Omarsdottir

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Magical and disturbing' Adam ThirlwellAn astonishing, mind-bending novel about a woman discovering a community of swan-people from one of Iceland's greatest writers. *SHORTLISTED FOR THE ICELANDIC WOMEN'S LITERATURE PRIZE*In the not-too-distant future, a young spy named ElA-sabet Eva is about to discover something that will upend her life. ElA-sabet likes to take long solitary walks near the lake. One day, she sees two creatures emerging from the water, half-human, half-swan. She follows them through tangles of thickets into a strange new reality. Pulled into the monomaniacal, and often violent, quest of the swanfolk, ElA-sabet finds her own mind increasingly untrustworthy. Soon, she is forced to reckon with the consequences of her involvement with these unusual beings, and a past life she has been trying to evade. 'A"marsdottir's skills as a poet and playwright are evident' Helen Oyeyemi, New York Review of Books
Binding: Paperback / softback

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