Chameleon's Favourite Colour by Carly Gledhill

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Chameleon is going to paint his house . . . which colour will he choose? Go on a bright and brilliant adventure with Chameleon as he scoots off to find his favourite colour! It's definitely red . . . no wait, it's orange. Or is it yellow? How will Chameleon decide?Specially developed for preschoolers with peep-through holes and shaped pages that build a colourful rainbow as you read, Chameleon's Favourite Colour is a playful, simple, and highly interactive story for young children, from talented creator Carly Gledhill. It is packed full of early learning features and includes a special section at the end with reading tips for parents and carers. Fans of Chameleon's Favourite Colour will also love Bat Can't Sleep and Frog Goes on Holiday!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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