The Orphanage Girls Reunited by Mary Wood

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The Orphanage Girls come back together in The Orphanage Girls Reunited, the second installment of a moving wartime saga set in London's East End, from the bestselling author of The Jam Factory Girls, Mary Wood. EllenAbandoned by her father for the second time, left scarred from the orphanage, Ellen finally finds happiness and hope - reunited with her long-lost gran. But it cannot compensate for being torn apart from her beloved friends Ruth and Amy. When a devastating encounter leaves Ellen broken and desperate, she is forced to fight her past demons. Ruth Ruth has found peace, building a new life as an actress and surrounded by new friends. But still she longs to be with Ellen and Amy, after everything they endured together in the orphanage. Amy was shipped to Canada with hundreds of other orphans - what hope have they of finding her?One wish comes true when Ruth's acting career leads her to Ellen. No sooner than has the dust settled, war is on the horizon. Friendship locked them into each other's her hearts forever. Will they find Amy? Can the Orphanage Girls ever unite?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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