Alfie and the Angel of Lost Things by Harry Whittaker

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A reassuring story about losing (and finding!) something special, Alfie and the Angel of Lost Things is the fourth picture book from the beloved author of the Seven Sisters series Lucinda Riley, written with her son Harry Whittaker and illustrated by the award-winning Jane Ray. Because somewhere, an angel is listening . . . Alfie is going on holiday, and he can't wait! His favourite toy, Bertie, is coming too, of course. He can't wait to show Bertie the view from the plane, and play with him on the beach. But while Alfie is busy on the sand, Bertie goes missing. Luckily, Luna, the angel of lost things, is on hand to reunite Alfie and Bertie, and show Alfie that special friends come in all shapes and sizes!Discover more books in this heartwarming series:Grace and the Christmas AngelBill and the Dream AngelRosie and the Friendship Angel
Binding: Hardback

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