The Woman Inside : A devastating psychological thriller from the bestselling author of A Nearly Normal Family, soon to be a major Netflix series by M.T. Edvardsson

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The darkness dwells, the desperation grows between the characters and the walls close in until you're caught in the trap.' - Lars KeplerA breathless page-turner from an international master of suspense, The Woman Inside by M. T. Edvardsson is a story about dependency, justice, and the sometimes fine line between right and wrong. Three young people. Bill, a widower and single dad, is in a financial mess with bills to pay when he rents out a room in his apartment to Karla. Karla left home to study law and to earn some money begins working as a cleaner at the palatial home of Steven and Regina Rytter. But inside their house it is clear that something is wrong with the doctor and his wife, who never leaves her bedroom. Jennica is single and careerless when she meets Steven on Tinder. But just as she thinks her luck is changing, it soon becomes clear that Steven is hiding secrets of his own . . . Two murders. By the end of the summer Steven and Regina Rytter will be found dead in their home and the questions will begin . . . One truth. Ordinary people will do things they never thought possible when faced with extraordinary circumstances, and the truth is that the woman inside may hold the key to it all . . . Praise for Nearly a Normal Family:?_~Deceptive and riveting?_T - Karin Slaughter, bestselling author of Girl, Forgotten?_~Taut page-turner *****?_T - The Sun?_~A cracking read!?_T - T. M. Logan, bestselling author of The Vacation?_~A compulsively readable tour de force?_T - Wall Street Journal?_~A canny, intensely suspenseful legal thriller?_T - Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent
Binding: Hardback

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