When Everything Went Wrong : 10 Real Stories of Inventors Who Didn't Give Up! by Barbara Gozzi

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Did you know? Some of the world's greatest inventions started off as failures! Inventions like Coca-Cola, shoes, and vacuum cleaners were actually mistakes. Told in a mixture of comic panels and prose, this gorgeous book shares the stories of 10 of these fabulous inventions. Thomas Edison famously said, ?_oI have not failed once at making a light bulb, I have simply found ninety-nine ways of not making ones.?__ In When Everything Went Wrong, readers will read about 10 inventors who persevered. Making mistakes doesn't mean you failed . . . it's all part of the process!Inventors included in this book are:Thomas EdisonJan MatzeligerGuglielmo MarconiWilson GreatbachJames DysonMargarete SteiffStephanie Louis KwolekCharles GoodyearPercy SpencerJohn Stith PembertonKids will love all the fun facts and true stories in this book, told in both prose and comic form!
Binding: Hardback

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