Gamer Girls: Monster Village by Andrea Towers

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Gamer Girls are four besties who prove that girls can game! But when a new game comes out, it's not a hit with everyone. Maybe they should stick to video game battles instead of middle school arguments!Celia, Natalie, Lucy, and Jess are the Gamer Girls?_"four gamers devoted to showing that girls can game, too. They stream together every Friday night and they?_Tre also BFFs. A?Celia is the artsy, creative one of the group, so it?_Ts no surprise when she starts designing merch for their new club. But when she falls in love with a new, cozy game called Monster Village, it?_Ts a far cry from her friends?_T action-packed battle royales. Can the Gamer Girls find common ground, or is their new club doomed?In this second illustrated book of the all-new series, Gamer Girls,four friends navigate the video game world and the middle school world . . . if only they could solve drama like defeating monsters! This series is perfect for teens and tween readers who love video games.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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