Robin Hood 7: Prisons, Parties & Powerboats (Robert Muchamore's Robin Hood) by Robert Muchamore

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The seventh episode in the latest bulls-eye hit series from the bestselling author of Cherub. Teen rebel and social-media star Robin Hood continues his fight against brutal and corrupt authorities. Robin is having fun sabotaging former Sheriff of Nottingham Marjorie Kovacevic's election campaign for President from the safety of his IT centre at Sherwood Castle. Meanwhile his best friend Marion Maid is spending time in Pelican Island, the country's most notorious prison. Then Marion's father, biker-gang leader Cut-Throat Maid, offers Robin a chance to help protect Marion from other prisoners. But can they break her free? More high-octane, outrageous action from everyone's favourite teen rebel. ''Intensely readable, outrageously enjoyable' - Guardian
Binding: Paperback / softback

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