KATYA : What would you risk for half a billion dollars? by David Bickford

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A couple of years have passed since the Libyan dictator, Gadaffi, was savagely murdered. The half billion dollars he embezzled from the Libyan people for his personal gain was stolen by a depraved moneylaunderer known only as Cartwright. Now, a rumour has reached Katya Petrovna, deputy director of the G8 intelligence agency, that Cartwright has been spotted at a luxury hotel development on the coast of Morocco. Following the tip off Katya and her team head to the Sahara where her life dissolves into a terrifying nightmare as she discovers Cartwright is as violent and treacherous as he is corrupt. Dredging up every art of manipulation and deception learned from her early life on the streets of Moscow and a dozen G8 operations, she stumbles blindly into Cartwright's dark world of moneylaunderers, prostitution racketeers and terrorists. As the screw turns Katya plunges deeper into danger. The pressure to find the money and return it to the Libyan people intensifies. Long buried conflicts from her past begin to surface. Is there a way she can escape to a life of freedom or should she overcome the whisperings and complete the deadly mission. Whatever Katya has in mind. Cartwright has other thoughts.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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