Every Day a Victory - Practical Weapons to Fight, Stand, and Live Free by William Wood

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Defeat Satan's Attacks against YouSatan has been defeated by the work Jesus accomplished on the cross. Many Christians, however, live defeated because they have not come into a true understanding of that truth. Having traveled the world disarming the enemy's attacks against believers, Wood reveals the unexpectedly simple--yet incredibly effective--strategies Satan has employed since the garden of Eden. Full of Scripture, inspiring stories, and practical teaching, this book is your hands-on battle plan to live in victory every day, helping you* recognize Satan's schemes * arm yourself with godly weapons* trample every demon and assault that comes your way* partner with the Spirit to destroy any stronghold* and moreThrough Christ you are fully equipped to fight effectively. Now is your time to get free, stay free, and help others do the same.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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