Drawing Class: Animals : Learn to Draw with Simple Shapes and Online Tutorials by Heegyum Kim

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Simple step-by-step lessons for drawing 60 animals + video tutorials via QR codes!Drawing Class: Animals is a collection of 60 fun, beginner-level lessons for drawing whimsical animals in pencil and colored pencil. Written and illustrated by artist and author Heegyum Kim, the fun, easy lessons-one for every animal-present step-by-step illustrations and instructions demonstrating how each one is drawn in pencil, with each step showing how and where to add simple shapes to create a wide variety of comical creatures, including: Home and Farm: Cat, Dog, Horse, Pig Woodlands, Plains, and Grasslands: Brown Bear, Moose, Elephant, Wolf Crawlers and Fliers: Cricket, Dragonfly, Hummingbird, Quail Rainforest: Iguana, Jaguar, Sloth, Orangutan Sea, Shore, and Wetlands: Alligator, Walrus, Frog, Shark Legendary Creatures: Dinosaur, Dodo, Unicorn For extra inspiration, several colored pencil versions of each animal are shown, along with a special feature-QR codes that give you access to a bonus video tutorial for every animal! Sharpen your pencils-it's time for Drawing Class: Animals!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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