Vegan Barbecue : More Than 100 Recipes for Smoky and Satisfying Plant-Based BBQ by Terry Sargent

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Learn how to slow-smoke all sorts of veggies, fruits, vegan meats, and vegan cheeses in this beautifully photographed book that features 100 soul-satisfying recipes filled with flavor and spice. At last! Now vegans and vegetarians, plus the millions of omnivores and carnivores who are eating more plant-based meals, are invited to join the authentic smoke-cooked BBQ party! Barbecue is famous, of course, as a way to cook meat-but meat is not the only thing you can cook in a smoker. Cooking low and slow over natural wood embers, the core method of genuine 'Q, infuses produce and other plant-based foods, like tofu and tempeh, with rich depths of rustic flavor that you won't get from a stovetop skillet or steamer. Author Terry Sargent isthe face of vegan barbecue. Southern Living magazine's "Cook of the Year" for 2021, Terry has perfected the art of vegan barbecue at his renowned Grass Vegan BBQ Joint outside Atlanta. In this definitive book on the subject, he serves up easy-to-prepare recipes for amazing dishes like: Smoked Pineapple Salsa Glazed Smoked Asparagus Smoked Creamy Pumpkin Soup Smoked Mushroom and Vegan Carnitas Tacos Smoky Ratatouille Smoke-Roasted Faux Turkey You can master these and nearly a hundred more healthy, plant-based, smoky, and vibrant recipes with Terry's masterful and fun book as your guide. From sides and desserts to dozens of meat-free main courses, from skewers and kebabs to burgers and tacos, this is a book that takes vegan cooking-and BBQ itself!-in an incredibly exciting new direction.
Binding: Hardback

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