Terrible Thames by Martin Brown

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Keep your hands inside the boat at all times! Discover all the terrifying tales about the number one river in London with history's most horrible headlines: Terrible Thames edition. The master of making history fun, Terry Deary, turns his attention to the Thames. From gory stories of death, crime, creepy creatures and more to freezing Frost Fairs which included an elephant parade over the ice, it's all in Horrible Histories: Terrible Thames: fully illustrated throughout and packed with hair-raising stories - with all the horribly hilarious bits included with a fresh take on the classic Horrible Histories style, perfect for fans old and new the perfect series for anyone looking for a fun and informative read Horrible Histories has been entertaining children and families for generations with books, TV, stage show, magazines, games and 2019's brilliantly funny Horrible Histories: the Movie - Rotten Romans. Get your history right here and collect the whole horrible lot. Read all about it!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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