The Worst in the World by Terry Deary

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"★★★★★ Horrible Histories is back - and better than ever. Marking 30 years of the beloved series, The Worst in the World is vintage Terry Deary - deceptively informative with plenty of gore ... brought to life by Martin Brown's cartoonishly gory illustrations" - Daily Telegraph "Perfect for fans new and old, and packed with Deary's priceless wit and Brown's perfectly pitched illustrations, the past has never been so winningly horrible and so hilariously entertaining!" - Lancashire Evening Post The Worst in the World is packed full of the foulest gold, silver and bronze medal winning entries. Readers can discover what made the cut for the worst job in history (spoiler alert - it involves a king, a toilet in a stool and some botty wipes), or the worst ever pirate (must be the one who tied his own noose for his neck). Read all about the winners in horrible categories such as: - diseases, - battles, - emperors, - punishments, - schools and more. fully illustrated throughout and packed with horrible stories - with all the horribly hilarious bits included with a fresh take on the classic Horrible Histories style, perfect for fans old and new the perfect series for anyone looking for a fun and informative read Horrible Histories has been entertaining children and families for generations with books, TV, stage show, magazines, games and 2019's brilliantly funny Horrible Histories: the Movie - Rotten Romans. Read all about the most horrible top threes across history (in one man's opinion), they're the absolute worst!
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