Weber's Gas Barbecue Bible by Manuel Weyer

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Smart grilling, high performance - get the ultimate gas BBQ experienceOn a hazy summer evening there is no better sound than the gentle hiss and sizzle of tender vegetables and juicy cuts of meat, gently cooking on a gas BBQ. Your family and friends will savour the rich aromas as you adjust the flickering gas flames to sear the food to perfection. Gas barbecues are simple to use - they heat up quickly, have great temperature control, are perfect for frequent entertaining and give off lower CO2 emissions than charcoal barbecues. In this comprehensive guide, you will find over 250 recipes for every occasion, step-by-step photography for foolproof results and grilling techniques, tips and tricks. Whether you are cooking bourbon-glazed beef ribs, honey mustard plank-grilled salmon or even a vegetarian pizza on a flat top grill, you'll find hundreds of original gas barbecue recipes to choose from in this cookbook.
Binding: Hardback

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