The Thief of Farrowfell by Ravena Guron

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Welcome to a fantasy world where edible magic is the hottest commodity, traded between those who can pay or - in the case of Jude Ripon, the youngest thief in Farrowfell - those who can steal it! An epic debut series from a FAB Prize winner. Twelve-year-old Jude Ripon has never been taken seriously by her family of magic-stealing masterminds. To them, she's just the youngest, only good for keeping watch while they carry out daring heists. Desperate to prove her worth, Jude decides to steal valuable magic from the fanciest house in town . . . But Jude's stolen prize was protected by a curse which threatens to wreak havoc on the family business. While attempting to untangle the mess she's made (and wondering why anyone would want to curse an honest thief trying to earn a living), Jude discovers just how far her family will go to stay at the top of the criminal world. Suddenly, her quest to become a true Ripon isn't straightforward any more . . .
Binding: Paperback / softback

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