Body Neutral : A revolutionary guide to overcoming body image issues by Jessi Kneeland

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A life-changing guide to reclaiming your relationship with your body and yourselfHave you ever thought that if only you could change the way you looked, your life would be better? It's so easy to imagine that by changing the outside of our bodies, we'd feel better on the inside. But we all know that even if we could magically attain a so-called 'perfect' body, our problems wouldn't actually be solved. That's because body image issues are never just about the body: they're always about something deeper inside. As a longtime personal trainer and coach, Jessi Kneeland has seen hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals but still feel trapped in a web of body hatred, anxiety, obsession and dysmorphia. Searching for a solution, Kneeland set out on a quest to discover what it truly takes to help people understand, process and heal their body image issues for good. They share their discoveries in Body Neutral, where you'll learn:* The power of 'body neutrality' - the ability to accept and respect your body, even if it isn't the way you'd prefer it to be. * Which of the four 'body image avatars' - each of which represents a different root cause for body image issues - aligns with you and your relationship with your body: the self-objectifier, the high achiever, the outsider or the runner. * Actionable and unique methods to help you strip away the layers of false meaning, excess power, moral significance and shame that has been preventing you from both connecting to and appreciating your body and feeling truly worthy as a person. There is a reason you're unhappy with your body, and Body Neutral will help you discover what that reason is and how to defuse its power, freeing you to enjoy a life of true confidence, security and satisfaction.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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