You Are Only Just Beginning : Lessons for the Journey Ahead by Morgan Harper Nichols

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Sometimes it's difficult to take that first step into your future and embrace the unknown. This illustrated collection of poetry and essays empowers you to embrace your next adventure with confidence and grace, drawing on invaluable lessons from nature. Popular Instagram poet and bestselling author Morgan Harper Nichols reimagines the classic heroine's journey?_"from the very first call to adventure, through trials, hardships, and new relationships, all the way back home?_"and offers key lessons and affirmations to encourage and equip you every step of the way. As you travel your own journey of self-discovery, you're invited to:Cultivate the courage you need to follow your passionsDevelop curiosity about the natural world around youFind comfort and inspiration for the inevitable trials on your journeyReflect on how your past has prepared youStep out in wonder and faith, knowing there is more for youA?Morgan's signature art fills every page of this book, making it a gorgeous addition to your bedside or coffee table. This is a lovely gift to give yourself or others for birthdays, holidays, graduations and New Year's?_"any time there?_Ts a new beginning ahead. Follow Morgan on Instagram @morganharpernicols (along with her millions of followers), and look for more beautiful, thought-provoking poetry in her other collections:All Along You Were BloomingHow Far You Have Come
Binding: Hardback

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