Liar's Beach : The unputdownable thriller of the summer by Katie Cotugno

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Fast-paced and will have you hooked. You?_Tre in for a killer summer.' MetroWE WERE LIARS meets GOSSIP GIRL - this YA thriller with a splash of dark academia is full of secrets, lies, privileged teens and beach parties. The perfect summer read. A body in the pool. A friend who might be an enemy. A vacation they'll never forget . . . Linden has always felt like an outsider and spending the summer at his best friend's vacation house, surrounded by money and privilege is doing nothing to lessen his imposter syndrome. But he soon has bigger concerns than fitting in - there's a body in the pool and everyone's a suspect - including him. Readers LOVE Liar's Beach:An addictive addition to the thriller genreIf you're looking for a quick, engrossing YA thriller, look no further than Liar's Beach. Fingers crossed for more!A wonderful and beautifully written YA book, in the modern One of Us Is Lying vein. I really loved this bookAn entertaining read throughout and a fun one to fly through in one sitting
Binding: Paperback / softback

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