Their Vicious Games by Joelle Wellington

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*Squid Game at an American High School - the twisty YA thriller that everyone will be talking about in 2023.*Twelve girls. Three rounds. One ultimate prize . . . for the last one left alive. Edgewater Academy is a school for the very rich and very powerful. Adina Walker is neither of those things. Alone and outcast, when she gets into a fight with a fellow student (and former friend), her scholarship to a top college is revoked, and her world falls apart. Until she's invited to The Finish. Annual games for the brightest and the best, hosted by power-family The Remingtons, the winning prize for The Finish is everything Adina wants. This is her chance at the life she's dreamed of. Then the contestants start to die. Love, revenge, pride - all are on the line. This isn't a game any more . . . Horrific and engrossing in equal measure, THEIR VICIOUS GAMES is also a thoughtful and clever commentary on race and class. Ace of Spades meets The Inheritance Games, this is a game you'll want to see through to the finish.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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