Marvel Studios Be More Captain Marvel : Embrace Your Power and Inspire Others by Kendall Ashley

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Go higher, further, faster with Captain Marvel and unleash your stellar potentialCaptain Marvel is one of the universe's most powerful heroes and a star-spanning inspiration for others with her courage, determination, and sharp wit. Follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe's cosmic Avenger as she and her allies triumph over the toughest challenges, emboldening those around them to unleash their full potential. When the call for help goes out anywhere in the universe, Captain Marvel reaches for the stars and lights the way. Packed with iconic movie scenes, inspiring quotes, and useful lifestyle tips from Marvel Studios' blockbuster films, Be More Captain Marvel is the perfect gift for friends, family, and colleagues looking for guidance on being self-reliant, embracing change, and leading by example! (c) 2023 MARVEL
Binding: Hardback

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