We Are Friends: Under the Sea : Friends Can Be Found Everywhere We Look by Sue Downing

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DK brings you an enchanting and illustrated baby book to teach your little one all about the importance of friendship, with the help of some underwater friends too!Introducing We are Friends: Under The Sea - an inspiring board book set out to teach babies and toddlers alike all about what it means to have a friend, whilst gently introducing sea life and underwater creatures for early learners to enjoy. Everybody needs friends, even the underwater sea creatures! Whether it's someone to share stories with, go on magical adventures or to help someone in need, friendship is fundamental to developing social and emotional skills in early learners. With inspiring examples of positive friendships, your little one can dive right in to enjoy: -A simple easy-to-read introduction to friendship for babies and toddlers-Six magical spreads with colourful and charming illustrations to accompany the text-A chunky easy to hold board book ideal for little fingersThe second title in the captivating We are Friends series, this is an ideal first friendship book for your youngster to love, with enchanting illustrations designed by Sue Downing to bring the adorable array of underwater animals to life!Under the Sea is an incredibly popular learning topic, one of the seven fundamental learning areas set out by The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and proving crucial to the Key Stage 1 curriculum, by supporting child development. So let DK plant the seed of curiosity in our young readers and watch as it blossoms into a life-long love of learning!Whether you are looking for the perfect bedtime story, a gift for your little one, or an adorable baby book for parents and children to read aloud together, look no further than this fantastic friendship book.
Binding: Board book

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