Just Another Missing Person : The gripping new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author by Gillian McAllister

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THE HEART-STOPPING NOVEL OF A MISSING PERSON'S CASE WITH A TWIST FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR'A cleverly crafted, emotional and thought-provoking thriller with one of the best twists I?_Tve read. Superb' CLAIRE DOUGLAS'Extraordinary...a plot that takes the breath away' DAILY MAIL________OLIVIA. 22 years old. Last seen on CCTV, entering a dead-end alley. And not coming back out again. Missing for one day and counting . . . Julia is the detective heading up the case. She knows what to expect. A desperate family, a ticking clock, and long hours away from her husband and daughter. But Julia has no idea how close to home it's going to get. Because there's a man out there. And his weapon isn't a gun, or a knife: it's a secret. Her worst one. He tells her that her family's safety depends on one thing: Julia must NOT find out what happened to Olivia - and must frame somebody else for her murder . . . What would you do?________'The new queen of the what-would-you-do crime thriller is back with a tightly-plotted and twist-packed tale which will send your head spinning' ELLERY LLOYD?_~Stunning. I dare you to not ingest this in one sitting' JODI PICOULT'Exquisitely plotted, seamlessly constructed. With clever twist after twist, gasp out loud reveals and beautifully realised characters?_T LISA JEWELL'Amazingly good' MARIAN KEYES'Another sure-fire hit, we expect excellence from McAllister and she delivers' ADELE PARKS'Starts with an impossible, irresistible premise - a woman who vanishes into thin air - and takes the reader on a thrilling journey of blind alleys and audacious twists. This is McAllister at the height of her powers' ERIN KELLY'Another masterpiece from the queen of the emotional thriller. This book has one of the best twists I've ever come across' BETH O'LEARYPRAISE FOR GILLIAN MCALLISTER'I am totally in awe. This is one story I will not forget' HEIDI PERKS'Genre-bending and totally original. A tour de force!' CLAIRE DOUGLAS'This is bravura novel-writing' IAN RANKIN'Extraordinary' HARRIET TYCE*Gillian Mcallister novel Wrong Place Wrong Time was on the Sunaday Times bestseller list April 2023*
Binding: Hardback

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