The Science of our Changing Planet : From Global Warming to Sustainable Development by Tony Juniper

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Let's learn about climate change, how humans affect the planet, and sustainable development!Humans have had a great impact on the planet - and this science book takes a look at just how we've changed the planet and what we can do to soften our impact. Understand the science that explains what pressure Earth is under and how to take action!The Science of our Changing Planet explores how we can live more sustainably and offers positive ideas on how we can alleviate past and present damage to the Earth. Inside, you'll find:- Wide-ranging coverage of problems affecting the planet, from global warming to pollution and food shortage- Clear graphics that interpret and present the data in an easy-to-digest way- Positive messages and plans for creating a better world, including the rise of clean/green technologyWritten by environmentalist and sustainability advisor, Dr Tony Juniper, this eye-opening global warming book explains a wide range of research that captures the influence of human activities on our planet. Through powerful, easy-to-grasp graphics, this educational book gets straight to the facts! Discover the science behind climate change, overpopulation, over-consumption, pandemics, and other factors that threaten life on Earth. The climate change book sheds light on how we've come to rapidly approach the point of no return but offers ideas on environmental conservation and how to use green technology to save the planet. Topics covered include problems such as rising sea levels, shrinking Arctic ice sheets, plastic pollution, coastal flooding, and threats to marine life. The biggest takeaway that Dr Juniper offers is that living more sustainably and implementing new global goals will restore the future of our planet.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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