Animal Knowledge Genius! : A Quiz Encyclopedia to Boost Your Brain by DK

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Blow the minds of your friends and family with your animal knowledge. This brilliant nature quiz book is suited for hours of family fun! Do you know the difference between a great white shark and a giant manta ray? Can you spot the difference between a dung beetle and a tiger beetle? Challenge yourself and the family to this brain-busting nature challenge! In this exciting family activity book, you'll find: - Reference spreads which introduce a topic and give all the essential info - Quiz pages, packed with pictures to pore over and put your knowledge to the test- Test Yourself panels across three levels of difficulty - starter, challenger, and genius - A fun fact with every image gives a clue- Answers appear upside down on the pageThis stunning visual encyclopedia of animal knowledge is packed with hundreds of fantastic facts. An irresistibly interactive kids book that will have you challenging yourself and the family over and over again. This entertaining general knowledge book for kids will test your brainpower and challenge you to learn so much more. Can you complete all these levels of difficulty as the challenge gets harder? Packed with more than 60 topics across the animal world and eye-popping images, this animal activity book is excellent for brain training and makes learning way more fun. It's perfect for children aged 9-12 or geniuses of all ages. Look out for more fun family quiz books in this series from DK. Put your general knowledge skills to the test and take on the Knowledge Genius! brain-busting challenge!
Binding: Hardback

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