For the First Time, Again by Sylvain Neuvel

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The gripping speculative fiction and final instalment in the thrilling TAKE THEM TO THE STARS series, perfect for fans of The Man in the High Castle and The EternalsAster believes she is a normal teenage girl - she is very wrong . . . __________Teenager Aster barely escapes with her life when her adoptive father is killed in a shooting. Suddenly finding herself under the protection of a special US military unit, blood tests indicate that she's not even human. Unsure who or what she might be - or if any of this is true - Aster's first instinct is to flee. Soon she is caught between two warring sides: on one, her mortal enemies, the alien Trackers. And on the other, the American government. Now Aster can be certain of just two things:Her blood is more vital than she ever knew. And the fate of the world rests upon her survival . . . __________For the First Time, Again is the mind-bendingly twisty and unputdownable final book in the breathtaking Take The To The Stars trilogy. Praise for the TAKE THEM TO THE STARS series:'Introspective, lyrical and with a growing sense of menace running under it all' THE TIMES'Alt-history with a difference' GUARDIAN'Wry narration, wired action . . . Fans of alternate history and intelligent sci-fi will love this' Publishers Weekly'Clever and compelling, it will keep you enthralled until the end' Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of The Oppenheimer Alternative 'Highly crafted and unique' Library Journal
Binding: Hardback

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