Exploring the Sky by Day : The Equinox Guide to Weather and the Atmosphere by Terence Dickinson

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Winner of the Children's Roundtable Literature Information Book Award. Ideal for inquisitive children and adults alike, astronomer Terence Dickinson's classic guide Exploring the Sky by Day offers fascinating insight into clouds, weather and other phenomena we witness in the sky. The book first introduces the reader to the atmosphere and the 10 types of clouds, and then answers nearly every question a young reader might have about the sky and weather: * How fast do raindrops travel?; What causes a rainbow?; What causes lightning?; Why is the sky blue?; Why are tornadoes so destructive?; And many, many more! The book also covers less common sky phenomena, such as sundogs, haloes and auroras, and discusses more general topics like climate zones, seasons and weather forecasting. Brought to life with dozens of photographs and the colour illustrations of John Bianchi, Exploring the Sky by Day provides an excellent introduction to weather and the atmosphere.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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