Winnie and Wilbur: The Festival of Witches PB & audio by Korky Paul

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Winnie and Wilbur are on their annual visit to the Worldwide Witches' Festival, meeting witches (and their cats) from all over the globe! They have a wonderful time partying, dancing and learning new spells. When the festival is over, Winnie and Wilbur hop on their broomstick and zoom off on a magical mystery tour to visit their new friends in a tropical treehouse, a castle by the sea and a house on top of a mountain! When they arrive back home, it's much too quiet-but then there's a knock at the door... A jubilant and joyful story celebrating diversity and friendship, as Winnie and Wilbur discover how magical it is to make new friends and be part of a global community of witches. Korky Paul's intricate and spellbinding artwork is full of fun, mischief and mayhem!Scan the QR code in the book to hear the story with music and sound effects!The best-selling Winnie and Wilbur series has been delighting readers both young and old since 1987 and Winnie and Wilbur have become favourite characters in homes and schools all over the world.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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