Unlocked : Embrace Your Greatness, Find the Flow, Discover Success by George Mumford

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A world-renowned psychologist and mindfulness performance expert who has helped superstars such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant transform their careers, offers proven strategies for unleashing our innate strengths, avoiding burnout, and discovering enduring success. We all strive to find flow, when our skills, expertise, and mindset are aligned and we can perform, unimpeded, at the highest level. George Mumford calls this being "unlocked"-a state anyone can achieve at any time. A psychologist trained in the field of mindfulness and personal development expert, Mumford has decades of experience helping a wide range of individuals-from CEOs and NBA superstars to the chronically underrepresented, those experiencing homeless and fighting addiction-contend with the challenges and opportunities inherent in life. Now, in this life-changing guide, he shares his wisdom with all of us, no matter our background or socioeconomic status, brilliantly guiding us on a path to discovering and harnessing our own individual potential. "People have called me the 'performance whisperer,'" Mumford writes. "I coax and tease. I 'whisper' to the stubborn, oppositional part of us that resists growth, that refuses to break old habits. To unlock the greatness within, we have to crack that shell to access what's underneath. It can be a difficult, painful process, much the way performance-training stretches our body and the limits of our endurance. The mental training, I do with athletes, prisoners, teachers, college administrators, businesspeople and others has a similar aspect. It shakes us out of the familiar and puts us in touch with deeper aspects of ourselves."Chock full of tangible insights, unexpected ancient wisdom, and inspiring stories from his clients and his own life-from his darkest moments of addiction and inner turmoil to training some of the best athletes in the world-Unlocked is the culmination of Mumford's life's work; it helps us discover our gifts. To sustain success no matter the game or the stakes. To step into the power within us and embrace the freedom of being unlocked.
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