Just Getting Started : Lessons in Life, Love and Menopause by Lisa Snowdon

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Lisa Snowdon is on a mission to spread the word: growing old just means getting better! Having struggled for over a decade after starting her menopause in her early forties, Lisa Snowdon has come to realise something she wants all women to understand. This new phase of life is actually a golden opportunity: a chance to become an even stronger, even bolder you. In Just Getting Started, Lisa will support you through the life stages, from fertility to pregnancy, menopause and beyond. By being patient, kind and open-minded, by learning and listening to what your body needs, you too can make it through the menopause with a smile on your face. With no subject off-limits, Lisa guides you through every issue she herself faced, from dealing with weight gain, fighting her hormones, reigniting her sex life and finding a renewed sense of self-love. Refreshingly intimate and hugely inspirational, this is your essential companion to embracing life and enjoying your second spring. Because, really, the best is yet to come.
Binding: Hardback

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