The Secret at No.4 by S.L. McManus

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One street, ten doors, who?_Ts the killer? The street that contains No.4 is a dark place, secrets linger and whispers of a murder haunt it. The residents have learnt to live with its sinister past, but when one of their own returns to hunt for the truth, their welcome is far from warm?_? Fifteen years ago, 35-year-old Henry Carr vanished outside his parents' house on a run-down street in Manchester. Today, a cold case podcast has brought the disappearance to international attention. Now, a young journalist hopes that she might be able to get the locals to open up. After all, she was one of them. But returning won't be easy; there are many reasons why Ruth fled six years ago. There?_Ts minimal evidence, no body and a street in silence. Yet Henry?_Ts elderly and dementia suffering mother, Marianne, appears haunted. She whispers and screams that her son was killed and buried on the street they call home. With the anniversary of Henry?_Ts disappearance fast approaching, Ruth has just days to uncover the truth of what happened to the man she once knew. The more Ruth learns, the more she comes to understand:It might take a street to keep a secret, but it takes just one woman to set it free?_?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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