The Wilderness Retreat by Jennifer Moore

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?_~A breathtaking thriller!?_? Spine tingling.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ As Bella drops her son off at university, she?_Ts devastated. It?_Ts been the two of them ever since Asher was born. The only thing helping her through is an upcoming week-long wilderness retreat in Sweden, a surprise gift from her sister and Asher. The lodge is modern and luxurious ?_" but the surrounding forest is foreboding. Named Dead Man?_Ts Forest after the legend of a local bandit left to die inside a wooden coffin, there are rumours that, on quiet nights, you can still hear the scratching of his fingernails against the lid. When someone begins leaving unsettling notes, and a figure from her past comes back to haunt her, Bella?_Ts unease grows. This certainly isn't the restful retreat she signed up for. And when another guest suddenly disappears, Bella fears she might not make it home alive?_? Don?_Tt miss this gripping psychological thriller about a blissful holiday that turns into a nightmare, perfect for fans of The Sanatorium and The Guest List. Readers LOVE The Wilderness Retreat! ?_~If you are a thriller fan do not miss this book.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Immersive. I read it in one sitting?_? A gripping read!?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~I loved absolutely everything about this?_? 100% recommend this book, easily one of the best I?_Tve read recently.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Dark and fabulous. I couldn?_Tt put it down. Would recommend 110%.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~There were multiple twists, I thought I?_Td figured it out so many times but was so wrong!!?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Incredible read. I could not put it down?_? Absolutely gripping.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~I was questioning the whodunnit until the end! Fab plot twist.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~A book that keeps you reading into the night.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Wow, what a compelling read?_? I couldn?_Tt put it down. I read in a day.?_T NetGalley reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_
Binding: Paperback / softback

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