The Change by Kirsten Miller

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?_~A perfect contradiction, existing in the shades of grey that real life is so often painted in . . . A story that?_Ts as furious as it is tender?_T Emily Henry ?_~A roar of rage, a pacy page-turner, I loved it with all my broken heart. Read it. You?_Tll love it?_T Marian Keyes ?_~A propulsive plot and characters that roar off the page, this is a novel that?_Ts unafraid to take on societal misogyny while being satirical and even funny at the same time?_T Guardian ?_~An addictive, fast-paced crime novel like nothing you?_Tve ever read before?_T Red magazine * * * Nessa: The Seeker Jo: The Protector Harriett: The Punisher With newfound powers the time has come to take matters into their own hands?_? Widowed Nessa lives alone in her house near the ocean. In the quiet hours, she hears voices belonging to the dead ?_" who will only speak to her. On the cusp of fifty Harriett?_Ts marriage and career imploded, but her life is far from over ?_" in fact, she?_Ts undergone a stunning metamorphosis. Jo spent years at war with her body. The rage that arrived with menopause felt like the last straw ?_" until she discovers she?_Ts able to channel it. Guided by voices only Nessa can hear, the trio discover the abandoned body of a teenage girl. The police have written off the victim. But the women have not. Their own investigations lead to more bodies, and a world of wealth where the rules don?_Tt apply ?_" and the realisation that laws are designed to protect villains, not the vulnerable. Now three women will avenge the innocent and punish the guilty. IT?_TS TIME. * * * Readers and authors are GRIPPED by The Change: ?_~A proper smash-the-patriarchy read with tension and a compelling plot to boot . . . Loved it?_T Harriet Tyce ?_~An exceptionally well-written, vivid, and powerful piece of work?_T Reader review, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Powerful and original?_T Tammy Cohen ?_~STUNNING! Feminist writing at its absolute best. 10 stars?_T Reader review, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_
Binding: Paperback / softback

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