Cursed Crowns by Katherine Webber

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Bestselling authors and real-life sisters-in-law Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber join forces on a compelling YA fantasy bursting with high-stakes adventure, romance and humour. Two queens, one throne. What can possibly go wrong . . .? Twin queens Wren and Rose have claimed their crowns . . . but not everyone is happy about witches sitting on Eana?_Ts throne. Cool-headed Rose sets off on a Royal Tour to win over the doubters, but soon finds herself drawn to the Sunkissed Kingdom. Here secrets are revealed about those closest to her, and Rose finds her loyalties divided. Meanwhile rebellious Wren steals away to the icy north to rescue their beloved grandmother, Banba. But when she accepts King Alarik?_Ts deadly magical bargain in exchange for Banba?_Ts freedom, the spell has unexpected ?_" and far-reaching ?_" consequences . . . As an ancient curse begins to arise from the darkness, the sisters must come together and unite the crown. Their lives ?_" and the future of Eana ?_" depend on it. Break the ice to free the curse,Kill one twin to save another . . . Cursed Crowns reached number 6 in the Sunday Times Bestseller chart week ending 14/05/2023.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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