The Red House by Roz Watkins

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?_TCleverly crafted, twisty, gripping and suspenseful?_T B. A. Paris Only the killer holds the key. . . A Sunday Times Book of the Summer IT WAS THE CRIME THAT SHOCKED A NATION. The Flowers were the perfect family. Until the day fifteen-year-old Joseph shot dead his parents and baby brother whilst his younger sister Eve hid. The family home became known as ?_~The Red House?_T, the place where the walls were covered in blood. THEY THOUGHT THEY HAD THE KILLER. No one knows why Joseph murdered his family: the following day he crashed his car and has been in a coma for two decades. Eve?_Ts always known he did it; she saw the crime, after all. WHAT IF THEY WERE WRONG? Now an adult, Eve is forced to re-examine her memories when disturbing new evidence about the case comes to light. Rumour has it that Joseph created a hidden level in his game that night, which might hold the key. But if Joseph didn?_Tt do it, then the killer?_Ts still out there ?_" and they?_Tre coming back for the girl who escaped. . . ?_TA masterclass in pace and intrigue. Tense, immersive, clever, surprising and unique?_TAndrea Mara, author of No One Saw a Thing ?_~I wanted to immediately start reading again to check the very clever clues?_? A clever and engaging mystery with a resolution that will completely blow you away?_TSusi Holliday, author of The Hike ?_TYou won?_Tt know where you?_Tre going until the last page. A genuinely delicious mystery?_TChristina Dalcher, author of Vox *** Readers are LOVING The Red House: ?_~Definitely a contender for any year?_Ts book of the year?_T ?_~An emotional rollercoaster of a ride. . .I could not put it down?_T ?_~Wow. Just wow?_T ?_~Carefully crafted plot and well-drawn characters made this an intelligent thriller that had me hooked?_T ?_~A brilliant thriller from the first page until the last?_T
Binding: Hardback

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