The Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva

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Gabriel Allon, master art restorer and assassin, returns in a spellbinding #1 New York Times bestselling novel ?_~Allon is the 21st century Bond?_T Daily Mail Bruised and war-weary following his secret war to bring down a terrorist mastermind, Gabriel Allon returns to his beloved Rome to restore a Caravaggio masterpiece. But early one morning Gabriel is summoned by his friend and occasional ally Monsignor Luigi Donati, the all-powerful private secretary to the Pope. The broken body of a beautiful woman lies beneath Michelangelo's magnificent dome. Donati fears a public inquiry will inflict more wounds on an already-damaged Church so he calls upon Gabriel to use his matchless talents and experience to quietly pursue the truth ?_" was it suicide, or something more sinister? Gabriel discovers that the woman revealed a dangerous secret that threatens powers beyond the Vatican. And an old enemy plots revenge in the shadows, an unthinkable act of sabotage that will plunge the world into a conflict of apocalyptic proportions. Once again Gabriel must return to the ranks of his old intelligence service?_"and place himself, and those he holds dear, on the razor?_Ts edge of danger. Praise for Daniel Silva: ?_TSexily brooding Allon?_? must be the most famous superspy not played by Daniel Craig?_T Daily Telegraph ?_~elegantly paced, subtle and well-informed. If you haven?_Tt read Silva before, try Portrait of a Spy ?_" and then go back and read the series.?_T Daily Mail ?_~[A] top-notch thriller by a writer with the inside track on spying?_T The Sun 'In true Bauer fashion, shoot-outs, kidnappings and international terror plots follow Gabriel Allon wherever he goes' USA Today ?_~Silva builds tension with breathtaking double and triple turns of the plot?_T People
Binding: Paperback / softback

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