The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, the Truth and the Turmoil by Tina Brown

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Gossip-reportage pioneer Tina Brown is perfectly placed to write this book. That doesn't automatically make it interesting, so what's being said? Well, The Guardian says "having applied all of her famous wit and intelligence to the problem, [Brown] identifies many other maladies, too. Sadism, parsimony, profligacy, infantilism, randiness, ruthlessness, rudeness, coldness, extreme entitlement and, last, but not least, incredible stupidity". The Independent says that "It isn’t always obvious which details in Brown’s work are already in the public domain, or what is closer to well-founded rumour than documented fact, but such is her skill at weaving together the vast amount of secondary material and details gleaned from speaking to more than 120 sources – that, for the purposes of entertainment, it scarcely matters." You can read both reviews in full here and here respectively.

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