Poguemahone by Patrick McCabe

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The Times Literary Supplement describes McCabe's latest as "a bleakly comic, wildly original 600-page epic about loss, exile and mental illness, written almost entirely in lightly punctuated free verse," going on to say that despite being a novel in verse, "one can only hope Poguemahone attracts a readership beyond its crowdfunding backers on Unbound because, in its haunting strangeness and blazing originality, it deserves far more than a cult following." The Guardian echoes this sentiment, pointing out that "Claudia Rankine’s Citizen won the 2015 Forward prize for poetry, showing how fertile the ground is on the borders of prose and poetry. Though it won’t appeal to all fans of his earliest work, McCabe may be right when he claims that Poguemahone is his best book." You can read both reviews here and here respectively.

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