Never Brush a Bear by Sam Hearn

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This is a delightfully amusing story about a determined young pet stylist called Herschel, who makes it his mission to brush a bear... He's a head stylist and pet pamperer extraordinaire! He dreams of awards, and longs to win prizes, for coiffuring creatures in all shapes and sizes! But a bear's not a pet! And brushing a bear is something he should forget! This charming story introduces us to Herschel, an adventurous and ambitious pet stylist who wants to style an animal he has never worked with before... a bear! He ventures deep into the woods in order to accomplish his aim.

He follows a trail of leaves into a dark cave, discovering a GIANT and TERRIFYING BEAR... who turns out to be quite polite! Bright and lively illustrations accompany rhyming text to create a fun story that will have children laughing out loud as they read along. The latest title from award-winning author and illustrator Sam Hearn this book will be beloved by children and adults alike.

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