Just Sayin' by Malorie Blackman - will dispatch on publication (20/10)

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For over thirty years Malorie Blackman's books have shaped British literature and inspired a generation of readers and writers. Now, Malorie is sharing her story. Her memoir is an empowering account of the life of a genius storyteller and all the reasons she writes.

Malorie takes us back to her childhood, and the precise moment she fell in love with words. She shares how she gravitated to imaginary worlds and realms in order to escape her childhood - the disconnect she felt from other children, the fracture of her family to a single-parent household and the period that led to her eventual homelessness. These are the darker moments which made way for the light and her inspiration for writing.

Eighty-two rejection letters later, numerous accolades, and over sixty books published Malorie Blackman has spent her life proving people wrong and writing words to encourage every generation to dream bigger and bigger. This book is an ode to the younger Malorie, and all the disconnected dreamers like her. This book is full with humour and hope.

This is her life lessons, the impetus behind her biggest books, and a few writing tips too. This is an inspiring account of an extraordinary life.

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