Dog Hearted: Essays on our fierce and familiar companions

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From Carl Phillips asking how wildness is tamed, to Esmé Weijun Wang finding moments of stillness in the simple act of observing her dog, to Cal Flyn befriending a sled dog called Suka in Finland, here we see dogs at every stage of their life.

This anthology promises to bring – much as our four-legged furry friends do – joy and delight, and surprising depth and poignancy. It goes beyond the wet snouts and wagging tails and gets to the heart of what makes dogs our true lifelong companions. These essays are also sometimes toothy, sometimes bloody, sometimes gentle; much like dogs.


Ned Beauman | Rowan Hisayo Buchanan | Cal Flyn | 
alice hiller | Jessica J. Lee | Carl Phillips | Chris Pearson | Jessica L. Pan | 
Nina Mingya Powles | Nell Stevens | Sharlene Teo |
Esmé Weijun Wang | Eley Williams |Evie Wyld 

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