Chums: How a Tiny Caste of Oxford Tories Took Over the UK by Simon Kuper

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It's not a secret that Oxford University graduates have an outsize influence on British politics. But Chums draws out just how tightly entwined the tiny cohort of frenemies in charge are, and how rivalries formed in their boarding schools, drinking clubs and uni debates still echo on an international stage. - Tara

In the Financial Times, Chums has been described as "certainly alluring, both intellectually and culturally, though perhaps there is space for more light-and-shade detail than this polemical short book allows." The Times, meanwhile, says "This is a fine book written at just the right time, and penned by a journalist with a vivid turn of phrase. Indeed, let me finish with arguably the best line of the book, one that emerges from Kuper’s disdain for how arts graduates dominate political elites: “Britain does have world-class scientists, engineers and quants [quantitative analysts], but they are stuck in the engine room while the rhetoricians drive the train.”' You can read the reviews here and here respectively. 

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